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Sporty Systems builds outstanding Fantasy Solutions

We are the team that can help you develop and implement a unique project with custom features that will guarantee your business to stand out.

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Our general services

Using Cryptocurrency in Fantasy Sports Software


Are you looking for a way to run a Fantasy Sports or Sports Gaming system and avoid legislation issues? Run it using cryptocurrency. We are able to supply our engines with the support of existing types of cryptocurrencies or the ones you create for your business. Go to the next level in designing and running commonly known sports games.
Fantasy Sports Solutions - our DFS engine

Daily Fantasy Sports engine

Start your own Daily Fantasy Sports business by implementing your own ideas and rules, or modernize an existing system. You can always make it faster and add unique features like a user-friendly administration panel. Our team developed (and constantly improves) our Daily Fantasy Sports engine based on a modern MVC framework that covers all commonly used modules of the Daily Fantasy Sports systems:
  • Integration with any well-known data feed provider
  • Single sport or multiple sports support
  • Live updates and contests processing
Fantasy Sports Solutions - our season-long engine

Season Long Fantasy engine

Would you like to play a season-long fantasy game using your custom set of rules and conditions and generate profit by allowing other users to play it with you? Start your own fantasy League system! Our team developed an engine based on a modern MVC framework that can help make your dream come true. Our engine is easily customizable, scalable, and powerful. Its abilities include:
  • Integration with any well-known data feed provider
  • Single sport or multiple sports support
  • Custom rounds processing logic integration
  • Various drafting models
  • Administration module for managing users, contests, transactions, general and financial settings
  • Integration with any payment processor, including cryptocurrency
Fantasy Sports Solutions - generate revenue in other way in Fantasy Sports


There is a new model in the Fantasy Sports market where a business owner can create a platform for players to organize and manage their fantasy contests by themselves and make money from the subscriptions. The benefits are obvious:
  • Avoiding legislation issues: you are selling access to the service and not actually running the games
  • Users of your service are able to create and process contests by themselves and chose the people they want to play with
  • Implement any kind of custom features and make them available for users through flexible subscription systems
  • Running daily fantasy contests, season-long leagues, or even both in one system
  • Help your users enjoy all commonly known features of a Fantasy system while making money from it!
Wanna new or better design? Ask us!


Looking for a unique design for your new sports brand? Seeking a custom UI solution? Struggling with creating a user-friendly interface for your web system or mobile application? Our designer is here to help. Utilize the experience of a UI Designer, who has worked on 12+ sports projects and 40+ different software products, for the benefit of your business.
Fantasy Sports Solutions is your best software development outsorcing partner


Outsourcing is a model that allows you to optimize expenses for the technical part of your business while giving you time to concentrate on management and business development. If you want to make sure your business thrives, invite professionals to help you with what they can do best!
The benefits of working with us:
  • European time zone: live communication with Europe-based partners, well-organized communication with American partners, benefits of the time difference.
  • Good communication skills in English, seamless discussions, and negotiating processes.
DevOps from Fantasy Sports Solutions can help with your server issues

Server maintenance

Want your live system to have support? Monitoring server load, uptime, error logs, checking for technical issues, and finding solutions to them. Our DevOps team is the one to help you manage your technical infrastructure.
Fantasy Sports Solutions can build any kind of application related to Sports

Sports applications

Do you have an idea for a new-age sports application? Are you seeking help to build a revolutionizing news system? Statistical tool? Simulator? Our team is happy to utilize our experience and build a system, application, or software too based on real-life sports data. Benefit from any experience - web or mobile - and generate profit.

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